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1. Whatever you do, do it out of a pure heart.
2. You must not have a wife because if you did, she wouldn’t let you get the big head.
2.a. Get a wife.
2.b. Surround yourself with trusted friends who will give you a “faithful wound” when you need it.
3. Constantly pray about your decisions and contemplate on why you do what you do. A fearless self inventory.

Funny story. The first year I was playing the Ichthus Music Festival I was driving our minivan. My wife was sitting in the passenger seat, my two boys in the middle (car seats), and two of our close friends in the back. We were driving through tent city to get to the DJ stage following a sucession of vehicles. There was an army Hummer in front of us. These kids that were sitting on the side of the road in lawn chairs were passing the time by giving each driver or group a name. To the guys in front of me they yelled, “Hey Army guys!” Then they came to me and yelled, “Hey Van Dad!” My wife and friends errupted with laughter. I simply said, “Thank you Lord for giving me a wife and friends to keep me humble.” :lol: