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well, Solomon wrote the first twenty-nine chapters in Proverbs and penned Ecclesiastes-book identified as biblical wisdon literature. Proverbs consists of thirty-one chapters, the last two added by an unknown person (perhaps King Hezequiah). The proverbs teach practical wisdon principles for daily living. Throughout the book, three words or (channel) are consistently emphasized: Knowledge (DAAT) is mentioned forty-three times, understanding(BINAH) is referred to fifty-five times, and the word wisdon (CHOCKMAH) is emphasized fifty-four times. These three Key or CHannel,words unlock Solomon’s wisdon doors for spiritual, emotional, mental and financial increase. this is three channel transform a average person to above average .

first : Chockmah (wisdon)
second: Binah (understand)
third is not considerable a channel but it’s in between chockmah and binah
Daat (knowledge)

on the top of Chockmah it is the Keter (crown) it’s the sheckinah (the feminine aspect of God)

so for us education, and teache can impart Knowledge by reading books of the ancestrals or the beginnigs generation, this were tauch to generation to another …