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Sub-publishers- small publishers or branches of a publishers that are collecting and promoting royalties of the main publisher that is contracted with them. The sub-publisher usually gets 10-15% administration fee. They collect royalties in foreign countries.

Publishing companies work in two different ways. An at source deals get a 50/50% split between publisher and writer. At source deals gets the money where the piece was performed. Receipts based deals have a sub-publishers. There is usually 25/75% split, where the sub-publisher get 25% and the 75% is split between the publisher and songwriter.

Publishers are always trying to get new material. This new material can come from freelance artist and on staff writers, or people recommended to the publisher. It is advantageous for the publisher to get a contract with an artist before they are signed to a record label because they have bargaining power.

Catalog acquisitions- when publishers buy entire catalogs of artist or other publishers.

Split Copyright- Where there is more than one writer or publisher involved or maybe there is a lyricist and a composer. To get published with a split copyright both parties have to agree to the contract.

Performance rights for dramatic works like Broadway and opera are negotiated by the publisher and production company.

Song casting- putting already composed songs with an artist.

Taxi- songwriter promotion company.

Copyright- is the write to copy a work.