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Air Play- is the most affective promotion. Payola is the paying of money to get air play (This is illegal), but record companies usually hire an independent promoter. The promoter usually does giveaways. Also there is net hype which is promoting music through chat rooms and forums.

When independent labels go bankrupt or close their catalog can sometimes disappear or sell their catalog to a larger record company, or their company can be bought out by a large label. Recently non-traditional sales has been a very good way of promotion. Ray Charles sold 2,000,000 records at Starbucks in 2004, and James Taylor sold 1,000,000 Christmas records at Halmark.

Inde labels are more like production companies and sometimes pay a 25% commission to large distributors. Artist can get their money faster as it takes less time for the money to change hands. The artist can also usually get more control of their projects if they are on an inde label. Albums usually are released much faster on the inde label than on the major label.

Baby recording deal
1- Vanity Deal- the label works as a production company. There is little money involved

2- Artist/Producer Deal- Contacts producer with no label involved.
1a- Mini record deal
2a-Master licensing deal
3a Joint venture deal
4a work for hire