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The Creators- Musicians, Artist, Songwriters, Engineers, and Producers.

Musicians- the players of the instruments, studio or live. Most people in the industry start out here. Most pop musicians don’t read music, and haven’t taken formal lessons. Two basic groups: the Survivors and the Jobber. The Survivor (90%) ages 17-29 usually has a second job make around $17-38,000 a year that usually goes back into equipment. Usually plays in a band and gigs 1-3 times a month for $25 a gig. Normally not a union member. The Jobber ages 27 and above. Almost certainly reads music fluently. May play a bit on Broadway. No day job. Earns between $60-300,000. Over exposed and does a lot of session work.

Artists- The talent, the front figure.

Songwriters- Can be the highest paid professionals in the industry ($0-1,000,000 a year). One song on a Platinum Album can make up to $65,000 even if it is the worst song. This includes only sales not royalties. In Rap/Hip Hop it is the person who writes the lyrics not the person doing the arrangement, loops, and musical bed. In the Rap/Hip Hop production the person making the music bed normally doesn’t get paid for royalties unless it was negotiated on the contract. Royalties of a new hot song can make up to $150,000 over a month and a half making 9.1 cents per radio broadcast.