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If it is something Jesus would say to His Church then I will use it.

No, that wasn’t my question. The scripture Paul used was straight out of pagan pop culture if you will. So there isn’t any question regarding that. My question for you is below. It came from this comment.

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Men who produce secular music are meditating in their hearts about something other than Christ, and usually about dark things. In doing this they impregnate their music with those meditations and thus present it to the hearer, influencing their soul with those meditations.

Here is my question.
@Josiah Fingaz wrote:

(question: If people impregnate something they make with their spiritual state then wouldn’t it follow that if you have used a product made by godless men then their spiritual state would impregnate that as well? This question was brought up in the early Church about priests who were found to be heretics or those found to be in gross sin. People wondered if the baptisms/conversions were tainted because of the priest’s spiritual state.)