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Dude, I thought no one would ever respond to these. Thanks for your answers guys! If it is ok I would like to continue the dialogue, as I am hearing new perspectives I did not think about.

On Josiah’s Question “Think of how Paul used a poet written by a heathen to express “In him we live, move, and have our being”.”

Were I agree that our Fore-Fathers and even Jesus Himself used quotes of the day to convey a point Such as “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” this is actually a quote from a prominent roman leader encouraging his men to follow him into battle. Now, I feel that may defer in some instances with music and minstry in general. One, this is one snippet used in context with an entire sermon to lead people into righteousness. These quotes are rarely used and if it ever is, it is deeply submerged in the context of teachings about righteousness and salvation. And two, are we not preachers ourselves as Djs? Do we not have a strong influence over our listeners? Should we not fill our “sermons” with things always leading to Christ.

Bless you guys!
Vooras :D