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all questions, in my spirit can be summed up with love. they will know we are Christians by our love. yes, we are seperated from the world, chosen by our Father in Heaven, Praise God that he chose us! what a gift, grace, it ought to put us on our knees daily, thanking God for his love. We are called to preach the Gospel to everyone. each one of us have been given certain gifts. we are the Church, 1 body, many parts. we must work together and hold each other accountable.

I grew up in the rave scene and know of a lot of music that was produced by folks who flat out worship the enemy, a lot of music produced by folks who dont believe in God. some folks are halfway, lukewarm, some folks got burnt by the church… some are hardcore souled out Christians.

there are a lot of tracks with subliminal messaging. you have to listen to the tracks quite a few times before you use them in a mix. if there is no subliminal message, but the track is produced by a non christian. Pray and wait to hear from God, if you feel in your spirit peace, mix the track. I pray someday God will raise up a complete army of hardcore Christians that produce all Genres, top of the line edm respected by Ravers. keep in mind there are a lot of spiritual songs where artists are seeking God in their music, but have not yet submitted fully to Christ.

If the track has a heartbeat and allows folks to dance, allows them to forget about their daily problems and clear their minds, you have their attention. Usher in the beauty of samples and scratching, use uplifting vocals, samples and scratches to plant and water seeds.

If Christians do not reach out to the underground rave scene, those folks may never hear the true Gospel. The Gospel of Love. Preach Jesus to them in a loving, non judgmental way and follow up with the folks who are hungry and help them to build a foundation in Christ.

now dont get me wrong, by no means am i telling you to go kick it in the club for hours on end or put yourself in a situation that causes you to sin. always, always , pray and read the word, pray for God to give you a clear vision, speak with your Pastor and Elders in your fellowhsip as long as they are bible teaching, holy spirit preaching, they will have solid wisdom.

its always been about truth, if people see Jesus in us, if we are obedient to God and allow him to work through us, to further his kingdom. what a gift, we have been forgiven, we have been chosen and we did not deserve it. our hearts should be broken and burn with a passion for those who live in the darkness. i believe edm is 1 way to reach people. just like holy hip hop, street ministry, basketball, anything positive. if it is being used with the purpose to plant and water seeds. it is of God. those are my thoughts. i do not want to lead anyone astray, thus i say, pray, pray , read the word and pray.

Much love and Respect.