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Those are great questions I have been wondering as I learn more about this site.
I do not DJ but I used to be an assistant and stage hand for a well known promoter out here. When I got saved I questioned if God wanted me to continue the work I was doing. I was out of the illegal side of “raving” but I was still working with secular DJs all night. Finally God shut the door on the scene for me. Now, I attend EDM shows when I hoop. And I want to use my hooping more as a worship so I’ve also been hooping at Christian concerts this past summer. God has convicted me of the dangers with the secular world and my weaknesses. Praise God! If I find any fellow Christian DJ’s round here, that’d be sweet!
Now that I am blown away at all the followers that listen to EDM- I wonder where the DJ’s ARE at with those questions. How do I know if the music is coming from the heart with God.. Or how is my soul getting fed while listening. It would def be interesting to see how everyone else views the Much More.

Very interesting RemNant. I hope more people reply to your questions.
God be with you all~~Jeci.