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#1. I believe that you can use music by a person who isn’t a Christian in a DJ set. What is the content of the lyrics or the emotion that you are desiring to convey? If it is something Jesus would say to His Church then I will use it. Think of how Paul used a poet written by a heathen to express “In him we live, move, and have our being”. That was a “secular” poem by your standard. Bottom line is, if you have a problem with it then don’t use it. If you do use a song by a non believer be very aware of what it is saying and conveying. When I play an event for someone I always go into this to find out where they are on this question. It is a good question.

(question: If people impregnate something they make with their spiritual state then wouldn’t it follow that if you have used a product made by godless men then their spiritual state would impregnate that as well? This question was brought up in the early Church about priests who were found to be heretics or those found to be in gross sin. People wondered if the baptisms/conversions were tainted because of the priest’s spiritual state.)

#2. I think the answer is in your question. We make it for Christ to reach others and when that happens it follows that people will find out about it.

I don’t think every song has to be a worship song. When you read the scriptures there are many instances of everyday life being explained that aren’t written as a form of worship. We can do this in song as well. Now, as a Christian, it would be natural that our music reflects our perspective. So in a way it will be a testament to the wisdom of God. It depends on your audience as well.

#3. If you are called into the Club Scene then God will provide the Grace for you to be effective in that field. I think it is possible. There are a few who do it with success. There are several different ways to make a difference. One of the best that I have seen is the record labels that build relationships with artists who aren’t Christain. They do business with them and have made inroads for the gospel to be seen in a very tangible way. I think the hardest is guys who do residencies in clubs. Of course, I’m not really called to that type of ministry so It may not be as hard for them because they have the Grace and passion for that work.

Really good questions man!