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Hey! :idea:

I wanted to post this to ask 3 sensitive, yet important, subjects. :shock:

#1 – Is it OK to play secular music on a DJ set as followers of Jesus?

#2 – Why do we make our music, to reach a crowd and spread our name or exalt the name and person of Christ

#3 – Is it possible to infiltrate the club scene without compromising your righteousness and how?

1: Yes, but be wary. It is possible to find snippits and snapshots of God wherever you look. Sometimes, people do the work of God without even wanting to or knowing it. What makes a track christian? Do they have to say “Jesus” a certain number of times? Is there a small whitelist or the same five DJs over and over again? I truely believe that God exists outside of the church and the Christian community. We are all about breaking away from the typical Christian culture (as I would say that many of their practices are not explicitly biblical), and adopting facets of other cultures. Set the standard that you beleive will guard your heart and the hearts of those you wish to serve, but at the same time do not limit your creativity by rigid regulations.

2: Our music is a response to what Jesus has done in our lives. We should feel a drive to reach out to those who have turned their backs on the Giver of Life in favor of pleasers which are fleeting, or have a passion to use our music to educate those who are of God in His ways. If we do not feel this overwhelming passion for this ministry, then it is entirly possible that we are not called to do this. In a sence we should do BOTH, as no two people are in the same part of their journey. But there are things we should never do:

* NEVER create tracks because there is a pressure to produce, this stifles creativity and in this stress we can no longer hear God. I truely believe that no words of worship should be man-made, that God WILL give you the words to speak right back to him, in the form of your creativity.
* NEVER strive to be a “christian version” of another artist, this limits the scope of the people you can touch. Do not try and be the “christian version” of anything. Just be who you are, as your identity is already in christ, you do not need to TRY to be more christian than you already are, as there are no degrees of christianity, one who became a christian upon their deathbed will be given heaven, just as one who became a christian while they were still in the cradle.
* NEVER indocternate those we wish to minister to, our job is to prevent the gospel, it is up to the individual wether or not they accept it. Only God can soften people’s hearts.

Let everything you do bring praise to the lord, even if it is not overt, you can worship God through obedience and discipline.

3: It is completely possible, but it requires a paradigm shift. We need to become the least among all, we are servants of the lord, and we serve the clubgoers. Those dancefloors are our ministries. Also, we need to shed all aspects of our church culture that have acumulated like lint or grime over the years, all the aspects that are not biblical, and from that possition of being stripped down to the fundimentals and pure unfiltered doctrine, we need to look around back onto the dancefloor and into all the other cultures,we need to ask ourselves, “what can we adopt from this culture, without compromising our own (stripped down) identity.

The clubs are our mission field, we need to walk among the ravers, those people who God still loves and aches over even though this love is unrequetted, and we need to engage with them fully, plowing the fields for God to plant and have the seed grow.