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#3 – Is it possible to infiltrate the club scene without compromising your righteousness and how?

I don’t see why any Christian would go into the club scene. I’ve heard tons of arguments for it but I’ve only really seen the negative effects it has on believers. You can’t eat at the table of demons and the Lord. How can you go to the house of the Lord and the house of Baal? If there is a Dj that would go to the club scene and truly preach Jesus, they would more than likely be thrown our or beat up or both. The message of the cross is offensive and will offend people if they go to the club to indulge in sin, period.

Brother you are speculating. Take a minute to speak with Andy Hunter, Transform DJ’s, Joey Davis, AJ Mora and anyone involved with NSOUL Records. I have spoke to quite a few Christian DJ’s and Producers that interact with non christian folks in the rave scene, club scene etc. and they are not compromised. Just because they are in the culture does not mean they indulge in the sin. On the contrary, they shed light. by staying sober and not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. Remember we to were lost at one time. Remember Jesus gave his body and shed his blood for Everyone. So how you gonna try and tell someone how they should be you just a man, God is using them and I don’t hate ya. How could anyone knock their calling? We are not God, if God has placed it on their hearts to minister to the underground rave culture, GLORY TO GOD. someone has to do it! Think about Jesus did he hang out in his house and never go out to speak to sinners? Did he spend all the time in the temple preaching. No he went and hung out with the sinners, murderers, thieves and prostitutes. What is the Gospel? It is the good news, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. As far as preaching the Gospel, you have to earn someones respect before they will listen to you. If you are going in their preaching that if they don’t follow Christ and turn from their sins they are going to hell. Yeah they will probably not listen to you. But if you go in there and develop a relationship with the person. gain their respect. they will listen to what you have to say about Jesus. not all of them are going to accept it, but you did your part you planted the seed and watered it. Leave it to The Spirit to do the rest.

I’m not saying everyone is called to go into the underground scene. you have to be ready to walk and talk like a true Christian. you have to stay sober, and let the Spirit flow through you.

now there is a fine line. you don’t spend all your time with non believers you will run your spirit dry. it is a balance. get prayed up and go into the culture with people to hold you accountable. Stay in the word and plugged into a solid Church.

in closing, I am not being argumentative or hateful in this email, however I do want to remind everyone including myself. I was once lost and God chose me ! He saved me and took me out of the darkness. It is an honor and I do not deserve it. My heart burns for the lost. But I can not preach Jesus without Love. You go into a place that is dark and you preach an offensive Gospel than that is what you will get a defensive reaction. You go into a place and preach the Love of Jesus and that is what you will get Love.