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Such good responses. Thank you so much for the links, I will definately read through them as the Lord furthers this journey. I would also Recommend a book called “The Rebirth of Music” by LaMar Boshman. It is older but really a good simple read, as it lays out the origin of music in heaven and it use here on earth.

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#3 – Is it possible to infiltrate the club scene without compromising your righteousness and how?

I don’t see why any Christian would go into the club scene. I’ve heard tons of arguments for it but I’ve only really seen the negative effects it has on believers. You can’t eat at the table of demons and the Lord. How can you go to the house of the Lord and the house of Baal? If there is a Dj that would go to the club scene and truly preach Jesus, they would more than likely be thrown our or beat up or both. The message of the cross is offensive and will offend people if they go to the club to indulge in sin, period.

I would agree that alot of people have been eaten up by the scene, but I would not say it is impossible. I would liek to direct your attention to two particular bands in the hardcore rock scene Sleeping Giant and For Today they have been witnessing in deed and through music to many unsaved kids in their scene. Their music is only toward the Lord and evangelism and yet they are excepted in a lot of secular venues. They do not compromise their stances or their music, lifting up the name of Christ in there shows, yet many salvations break forth in their shows and even the moves of the Holy Spirit. Also, there have been accounts of the Lord healing people as the men in the bands gather to pray with their fans. So I think it IS very possible to go into these arenas and witness to the lost without compromising our music and heart of worship.

Thank you so much for your responses, this forum just keeps drawing me closer to Jesus.