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It sounds like you really want to try infiltrating the club scene. If that is your calling, then great!
You need to spend a lot of time in prayer, and fix every area of your life as best you can. Rely on the strength of the love of Christ. Your walk with Him must be strong!
Spreading the gospel in a situation that few Christians have been successful is a very high calling.

Understand that you WILL be attacked that much further.. in a spiritual sense. Also in a physical sense.

I have worked in clubs before, service side.. not DJing.. Its a job to me (great money) ,but there is also a subtle side that some of the people I met over the years, I was able to witness to.

I also would assume that playing obviously Christian music would get you nowhere. You wouldn’t even have a job. BUT maybe if you somehow played the most awesome music, and have a very subtle lyrical message inserted in there, you MIGHT be on to something.

Be careful tho! and good luck! Msg sometime, God bless!