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You gotta go listen for yourself… ;)

rather you just tell me.

by the way you tell about them, sound like prosperity gospel preacher. if so, probably won’t listen.

Well, yes and no, that’s the good part about it…they are about prosperity but they’re about a lot more than that – the prosperity is a result and not a goal, and a simple result to things much greater and wonderful!

I see it this way, why turn away from our sonship because of someones abuse? I don’t like listening about money all the time either. They don’t preach money, they preach Jesus the Provider, and they don’t owe a dime to anyone and can actually do anything God tells them to do because they have all they need, and what they don’t have they can get, based on God and not the bank or anyone else…

What’s wrong with that? They also started out life broke and today fly jet planes, and they don’t squeeze money out of people…

Don’t you think it would be wise to at least hear what they gotta say, or is it wiser to stay broke and jobless?