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Here are some comments on your tracks!

Pumped- this track could probably use some overall compression. If you had more overall compression you could tighten up the dynamics and make the track punchier. Using compression can also make your drums sound really fat and huge by compressing the daylights out of them, at least if you do it right. Better quality samples for the drums would also help a lot. If you don’t know where to get any, there are tons of stores on the internet where you can get samples that sound great for fairly cheap. During the breaks it seems as if your drums are also dry, I would really suggest to use some reverb on these even if it is only a little. There is a free liquidsonics reverberate LE convolution reverb that is the bomb and it can also import impulse files that can be found for free on the internet. It’s a vst, so if you use protools without a rapper or reason, then you are out of luck. Also if you use some multiband distortion plugins like ohmicide, it could really help some of your track’s sounds really sound gritty.

Uber Solider- I still have some of the same recommendations that are on the Pumped track. A more aggressive kick, more high end in the percussion would help a lot.

One suggestion would be to play your tracks back to back with a professional mix that you like after you have finished mixing, at least if you don’t do this already. This can help you figure out little holes in your mixes or little tidbits that would help your tracks. Your tracks are sounding nice so far and I’m only nitpicking.