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well thanks for the suggestion but i just got some really nice producing headphones. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/audio-technica-ath-m50-studio-monitor-headphones (i did a lot of research and they have the BEST frequency response for the price) i am not sure if you have read up much about headphones for MAKING music. but turtle beach isint going to give you what you want. they are LISTENING headphones. i mean think, if you make music in headphones with mega bass and high’s pre-EQ’ed to sound the best. your song is going to end up with not ENOUGH bass. and will only sound good in the headphones you made them in. you should read up a little because your headphones or speakers is one of the post important parts of your set up. check out this page. it applies to headphones as well. http://www.ecoustics.com/electronics/products/articles/131062.html