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Alejandro – I thought of you while making this thing, haha. I thought, “I bet he’ll dig this.” Bass drums always give me trouble. I spend so much time on them and they still never pump the way I would like them too. They’re either too hard or too soft. But thank you for the feedback, I’m definitely going to put much more work into this one. I’m only maybe 3 hours in..so there’s plenty more to do. Any suggestions for how to make the kick knock aside from compression?

Djfaith – I honestly have no idea what it is that I did/do, ha. I just arrange my stuff in the midi piano-roll editor until it sounds suitable. Mostly everything I do in making a track is trial and error & experimentation. I don’t even really know what you mean by “what osc do you use” and I’m not totally sure what a triplet is either. I need to study music more, ha. Sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful, but if you want I can send you a midi file of the section you were talking about so that you can see how it was arranged!

Dimitri Vaganov – It was an awesome festival, I was selling shirts most of the time though so I didn’t get much of a chance to scope any of the bands, but my friends told me about needtobreathe. You probably saw me and didn’t know it, id you go for both days?

DJ Rodimus – Thank you! Plenty more to come.