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Josiah Fingaz

Just as history does, so goes heresy. It repeats itself. The Montanist movement in the second century had a lot of similarities. Prophesy that went into an estatic frenzy without much understanding brought forth. The deceiving part was that the people associated with this movement were actually very moral and disciplined which drew in some respected men of God like Origen. But ultimately the heresy came into play in that it sought to divide the church and false beliefs about the Godhead. Many of the enemy’s greatest lies are filtered into the church by a truth that is neglected. Just like the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Because it has been a truth neglected many have been led astray by false doctrines surrounding the gifts. Dogma and Doctrine aren’t bad. They are like lighthouses to keep believers from shipwrecking. It is a shame that the enemy gets people to reject traditions that are holy.