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And for theinvader18,
I recommend starting with FL Studio for 2 reasons:
1) It’s reasonably cheap
2) You will learn a lot about everything that involves mastering, EQ, Tweaking, Sequencing, and sound creation easier, because of all the available vst’s and plugins.

I’m sure others here at GodsDJs have other recommendations as well for these things, so feel free to ask anyone here. :)

I completely agree. You should definitely work your way up. If you jump right to something like Reason you will be very intimidated. That program is a beast. I also recommend if you can look around on places like E bay there are people selling there older copies of software like Acid Pro and FL studios. Not to mention there is equipment on there that DJ’s are getting rid of because they are upgrading.

And lastly when you do get your software. There are hundreds of free tutorial videos out on youtube. Just be prepared to sift through a lot of the secular garbage.

Good luck man… Im in the same boat… making it slowly but surely.