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Thanks bro, I watched a little bit of the first vid, bit I’m not supposed to stream audio here..(I’m in a very, very small comunity(5 familys) on the west coast of vancouer island…) So like I said,,, I’ll probably just keep working as I am for the next 5 weeks, and then once I get home I will start to get very serious with production(I am also still in Highschool, so I still wont be able to be like, super serious). And btw, would you sugest Reaper, or Logic to rewire with Reason? I dont really know anything about plugins/rewiring… I do know that a few of my favorite artists use Logic(Reso). And I have never really heard of Reaper…. Also, what is the difference between the Reaper full licence and the Reaper discount licence? Thanks for being so cool to the newbs Graphite! It is much, much appreciated. :D