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in my opinion, the kick needs a little boost in the lows, that will bring the bass to be stronger

the kick is a little bonky, maybe i can replace the sample (there is a huge rolling subby basline, not sure if ur speakers piking that up..i don’t want to overdue the bass!! maybe with a bit of sidechain I could have BOTH!! YAAAY!

After the intro, when the close hat starts continues, I think it looses a little grooving of the track, and the breakdown comes to late, before you get to the break, it my be a little monotonuos,

I just threw the structure together, the breakdown may start/stop a little late/early, gotta fix that.
Maybe I can switch the beat up a bit in the beginning.. I was planning on having some sick sounding 303 in the bit building up to the breakdown…

and a think a bigger clap will give it a good taste.

you latin peeps and your claps ;) lol this is just a rough draft I haven’t even added any cymbals yet or done proper EQ mixing yet

My first suggestion is compare your track to other professional tech trance tracks to get an idea of eq and balance.

I will definitely be comparing this to some Randy Katana and maybe some Sander Van Doorn… but to tell you the truth trance mixing/eqing I here on Beatport tracks are starting to sound worse and worse esp with trance (depending on the producer), too much high end, maybe everyone’s collectively going deaf? I have a good enough handle eq and mastering ( http://fezzik.me/discography ) too be able to safely say I’m confident enough to make a track NOT sound like every other track out there, cause I don’t necessarily agree with there eq choices, and I get bored of things sounding so similar, why not have a kick that is dryer, or some new sounds most other tracks dont have? thnx for the suggestion, this is just a pricky issue with me :shock: