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hey good suggestions guys..

good idea about the reverb on a send channel, saves CPU power too! sounds like a good way to make different parts (esp. hi-hats) “float” above the mix – done it before. I have 2 high quality reverb plugins I use.. the one built into ableton is quite good is u switch to “high” quality setting, I also just got Audiodamage’s EOS Reverb Plugin.. I’m using industry standard pair of studio monitors (yorkville YSM-1).. some mild sound treatment in the room, but not as good as prev studio, i compare mixes to professional trance cds on the boom box in the kitchen and in the car!
A FAVOUR, listen to my finished songs on http://fezzik.me/discography and tell me does it sound dull to ur ears.. i hope its not the room Im using..

Im have not mixed or mastered the track, so the eq is less of a concern right now, Hey, yell ya what, this calls for a new post, where I will share my production/song-writing process