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vocalists are few and far between, in 8 months of looking I have only found three locals who I wanted to attempt to get them into the studios, but each one turned down my request.

We need a few people to get the ball rolling.

For female vocals, I would suggest:

* Robyn Duncan (Of EmberSolace)
* Miia Rautkoski (Of G-Powered)
* Jessica Montgomery
* Eveliina Jaatinen (Backing for G-Powered)
* Sonja Linden (Backing for G-Powered)
* Rachel Hennessey (featured by Matthew J. Bentley)
* Misty Edwards
* Mikayla Roberts (featured by Matthew J. Bentley)
* Jenny Fernandez (featured by Matthew J. Bentley)

I don’t know of very many male vocals.The other thing you can do is to look for a capellas on youtube or other sites. Most importantly, you need to go out there and email the talent asking them to do collaberations, these things do not fall onto your lap until you put down all the hard work and have created a name which vocalists want to cling to in order to get exposure. But that day is a long time coming.

We are underground to the underground, we have very little recognition in clubs and churches, we are the frontline in engaging the lost and broken in these clubs.