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Frame Finished, dad and I did all five thursday night.

Cut both 1×4 and 1×6′s, 49.5 inches Length, 25.5 inches Width

Dad cut them at 45 degrees on the ends, makes a nice corner but can be tricky to put together. So we put the glue, then few nails to hold, glued the corner braces, then screwed it all together.

Here they are covered. They are stapled on the back edge and trimmed. I didn’t get a picture of it, but we mounted a piece of wood to be a 2″ spacer for the bottom and then spaced two screws at the top to go through the brackets we used to hold the pieces in place. If need further detail, just ask.

The insulation is 4lb Mineral wool. Since frames were made to be tight around the insulation, didn’t feel I needed something to hold it in.

Here’s what the corner ones will look like. I made an error on material for the second, but also the electric staple gun quit working during stapling of the first corner trap, so will continue tomorrow. Still trying to decided how to mount it.

DIY approach can be tedious, but goes faster once a workflow develops. Saved some money, no doubt.