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@jpbeats wrote:

Track is sounding cool!

my suggestions would be try and doubling your bass line with a low sub bass….cut it off around 60 hz, just to fill in that extra low end thats not being used, maybe throw a little LFO on the bass thats already there too just to add a little life, doesnt even have to be extreme even a little bit of a bandpass filter! Other than that im diggin the track ( i listened to version 7)

I just uploaded a track too, be sure to check it out and lemme know what you think!

Im always looking for Dance music (that doesnt suck) from Christian Producers, ive added your track to a few playlists of stuff i spin regularly :)



Thanks for the feedback and for spinning my track!!!….I will try to add that on this week and maybe post you a new version. I check out some of your stuff on the soundcloud page and I am digging it too….how did you get to do a remix of Olive Not Alone? If I get a chance I will listen some more and provide some more constructive critism of the tracks on your soundcloud page. God Bless and Happy Monday!