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God condemns all drunkenness, no matter the source. Anything supposing to be God and causes drunkenness, is not God because drunkenness is of the flesh. The Spirit wars against the flesh and the flesh wars against the Spirit. The two natures are contrary. The Spirit of God will cause sobriety, not drunkenness.

This idea of God intoxication is not new. It has been around for centuries in Sufism, which is a mystical side of Islam. The doctrines presented by so called new “mystics” are completely contradicting to Holy scripture and the true nature of God.

God does give trances, visions, dreams, etc but He does not cause drunkenness. No where in scripture does it ask us to get drunk of God, so if this doctrine isn’t present in scripture, it is because it is foreign to Christianity. Also no where does it claim in the verses in Galatians and Thessalonians that it is specifically speaking of alcohol; therefore it does include all forms of drunkenness, not just on alcohol.