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@TheGhostAndMe wrote:

All those Scriptures on being sober are talking about alcohol, not avoiding the manifest Glory of God

You are correct in saying that it speaks of the manifest glory of God. But then it goes on to say what the fruits of that glory are. One of those fruits being “SOBRIETY”.

Jesus walked in the fullness of the Spirit of God, as graphite described. He was focused, sober, and gracious; not a stumbling drunkard.

So far friend, you have given no solid foundation in the word (wich is God) for what you are experiencing, you have only given two inaccurate scriptures and a bunch of emotional and spirtual experiences, wich you are dubbing the “Holy Spirit”.

May I remind you of the many warnings of our savior that spoke against many false spirits, movements and messiahs. You need to be more careful and actually seek out the truth in scripture as well as an encounter with the Spirit of God.