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True, there was drinking at a good amount of feasts in Jewish culture. But, we can not ignore the many verses in the proverbs wich declare to keep from being consistantly drunk. I highly doubt that Jesus was drinking Himself into a stupor.

Plus, historically; and you can look this up, wine was used specifically as a way to purify water. The potency of the wine in the days that Jesus walked the earth as a man was far less than our wine today. It would have taken 10 glasses of wine back then for them to get the same affect as one glass of wine today.

There is nothing wrong with the manifest Glory of God. But we must line up our experiences with the Word. There is no place in scripture were it says to be “drunk in the Spirit.” Simple enough. Call me a pharisee if you would like, but I love Jesus dearly and I love you. That is why I speak so openly about these subjects.

I know you mean well, but please search the scriptures to see if your experience is of the Lord. Maybe I am wrong, but as of now I see this particular practice of treating the Holy Spirit like a drug as error.

If you can prove to me in scripture that it is ok to do this, I will bow out.

The Lord bless and keep you, guiding you in all of His ways.