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I really like the easy listening groove of this song. It’s really calm.
Your production seems like it is getting better as well; this mix sounds more polished than the other tracks you’ve done.

A few suggestions.

Bring in snares and hi-hats (maybe crash at a climax points). White noise pads creating that swooshing sound. The synth sound around 2:05 would be better if it was up a lot louder in the mix. The percussive sound in the background (sounds kind of like a piano) could have some more high frequencies in it to make it seem less muddy. You could also use some reverb as well (if you don’t have a good reverb send me a pm and I can give you a link to a free one that is simply awesome). You could also add a couple other pads to layer the pads together to get a lot larger sound. Like maybe have three or four pads doing something similar and then pan them differently. Also have pads with different frequency content.

Keep us updated with your track!!!