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it sounds like a program like ableton live would really help you out. It automatically synchronizes loops to the project tempo, which helps for making stuff on the fly. Using already sampled material would help out a lot. For example, having a precomposed drum beat close to a worship style tempo, consisting of different loops for verse1, chorus, verse2, bridge, etc. Then you can just click what you need, when you need it. It also depends on what style of electronica that you are trying to make. For a regular dance beat like trance or house, it needs different drums than other genres like drum and bass or dubstep.

I would say a genre like trip hop or downtempo would be easier to pull off for live stuff than something like elecro house. If you don’t recognize these terms, it will take a little while to get to know what they are.

This style would probably be easy to do live:
a real drummer with the right sounding drums would be ok for this as well.

or something like this: