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I have been producing with Live for more than five years. It is a great platform for production, live mixing, etc. It can be very touchy sometimes when it comes to where exactly you are placing things in the rack layout. To me, this is an advantage, because you can decide exactly how you route things, where effects are placed in the chain, etc.

When it comes to some aspects of live, an inexperienced user can have a problem and not even know what the heck is going on. When you preview a clip in the browser, there is a little waveform representation of the sample just below the browser. to the very left of that waveform, there is a little headphone icon. if it is grey, it means preview is off. click it, and it should light up. now you will be able to preview samples before you put them into simpler/drum racks/sampler/etc.

As far as your drag-drop problem goes, I don’t know what to tell you. If I saw you performing the action, I would know exactly what was going on, but it’s hard to say without actually seeing it. An example of quirky user interface functions is when you want to setup an instrument rack with multiple patches all in one, you must first drag the instrument rack into the channel, and then drag the rest of your instruments into it. If you double click on an instrument, it will replace the whole rack. This can be frustrating, but Ableton’s team has designed the program to be less arbitrary and more functional, responding to similar commands in different ways.

I hope this helps!