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Thanks man, that does really help! Headphone toggle just like the same little headphone icon for previewing key sounds in the piano roll. Got it!

A lot of my issues initially were from the fact that I was trying to “arrange” stuff from the session view. Now that I’m spending most of my time in arrange mode and have more of a grasp on it, much of my problems are resolved. In hindsight that is a major “duh” moment. =P

But I still do have one big problem that rears it’s ugly head every once in a while. Maybe you can help, but I know it’s hard for you to diagnose via text. This issue kept me from getting any new work done this morning.

I’ll be working along, trying out new synths… I take a break and come back to trying to play them, but now I cannot get ANY sound out of any instruments from my MIDI keyboard. It’s not a volume issue, I can see that the meters aren’t even jumping up or down to acknowledge sound input. Ableton itself still makes sound because I can play what I’ve already written, or preview keys via mouse on the piano roller- I just can’t play from my MIDI keyboard anymore, on anything. When I switch to another sound program, it acknowledges the MIDI key input just fine, so the keyboard is noted to be working. Even reloading Live doesn’t fix this. This is kind of the last big frustration for me right now, and when it crops up, I have no idea how to fix it. I usually turn off Live and come back later, but today that didn’t seem to work either. No matter what instrument I click on or select, whether in session view or arrange, I can’t get any sound.

Oh, and I just remembered this problem normally starts by being able to play only ONE instrument and not being able to select any others. Like if I’m playing a synth bass with my keyboard and it is working, even if I try to select a piano from session or arrange it only plays the synth bass. Inevitably I delete the synth bass thinking that I’ll outsmart the software and that it HAS to let me play something new now, but then I just can’t play anything at all.

Thanks for the help again, Live is pretty sick imo, I just need to get more experience wivvit.