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@DJRaindance wrote:

I just loved the OpenLabs machine that they are doing the song on. Look ma only one hand! Anyone got 10000 bucks?

nah, they’re about half that. They’re talented guys, I couldn’t turn out a track that fast and plus they play keyboard better than i do. :lol:

@djrodimus wrote:

that was soo cool!

yes, I like the song and the Open Labs keyboard.

Referring to Rain’s post, Open Labs can charge their price cause as far as I know, they have no competition. Their idea is great, esp for mobile and tight space studios. Its mainly a Korg Triton workstation with a built computer and screen.

I like the idea of getting one for soft synth duties, taking load off my composing machine. But you can do that cheaper by building a PC, get a midi controller and interface to handle midi and audio out and sync. :geek: