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Here I go again with the double reply thread, (asks quietly for forgiveness lol) but I do have to mention that here in Rochester, Michigan,

I was told by some God’s DJ’s friends about this hip little coffee shop named Dessert Oasis. 205 S. Main st is the address if you happen to be cool/smart enough to come hang out here.

I actually stole the idea from Becky and got to hand over a hefty stack of Future Sound of Worship flyers ( that look really impressive now in size and color) to the barista. She informed me that she and her boyfriend will definitely be coming to the event here in Rochester as well.

Anyway I am just expressing that Christian Techno is already taking over the World and I am very blessed to be in the epicenter of it all.

This also reminds me that I am invited to an awesome church here in Rochester located at 4435 N. Rochester RD that I am looking forward to attending this Sunday.