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Hey everyone! Im James hailing from Ottawa Canada!
Im a dj in this new church called HEAT worship house and Gods doing amazing things here up north. Its slow but the Lord’s timing is what counts…we’re reaching out to the young generation (duh!) of ravers, clubbers and that culture here in the Nations capital…its a big mish mash as promoters and Djs move in and out and thorugh both scenes a lot. Love seeing a community of Djs here on the Web finally…so cool! hope to keep up with a lot of mixes and ideas for worship, Which Songs have moved or challenged you….stories from the battlefield. (testimonies) and so much more tips for mixing….

I personally love all kinds of trance.
from the classics with lots of acid basslines
to new electro trance like the signalrunners


Electrotrash!! its so much fun but I am less inclined to worship as much as just go nutter to it! haha!

Love peace and grease (if you get my drift!)