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Hello everyone. I wanted to thank Mr. Carlisle( I hope that’s the correct spelling) for making this website for Christian electronic music lovers. I really appreciate this I You Guys Are The Best. Thank God for you!!! God Bless You Always!!!
My name is Eddie Gaitan originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico-raised in Miami,FL and currently live in Jacksonville, FL. I am a New Born Christian as of this past Sunday 8/9/09!!! Amen!!! I have been spinning everything from downtempo to progressive trance for over 10 years and I am very looking forward to learning for you guys as well as posting and downloading mixes from this website!!! I have already browsed a bit and I am very impressed and excited!!! My DJ name is Franco or I also go by The Chef. Well time for bed late here in Jax, tomorrow is very important-Sunday – day for Church House of God!!! So I again wanted to Thank You All Especially- DJ Rodimus!! Shalom!!!