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Hey Gods DJs Forum,

when I got to know Christ I always was thinking, as a christian I only allowed to hear and make worship music.
But I was very much into techno in trance and don’t want to give that up, so I lived a dual life on the one hand I’m a christian on the other hand I’m a techno musician. When I heard a christian rapsong in 2005 or maybe 2006 the dual life was fused to one.
Thats why I’m now here, at GODs DJs Forum. I got a techno/house-evangelization on Berlin Alexanderplatz to tell the people about Jesus.
I have this Radio Show on GODs DJs Radio Happy Friday Morning in the middle of the night because that is here 10.a.m.
Beside that I’m studiing business computing and learned much about music business at UMG.

I want to make it hundred percent Christ, but also heard by people which even have no idea who Christ is,
to reach the berlin scene, the people around me.

please feel free to ask any questions or longer stories.
I’m glad to found out that my scene is much bigger than me.

GOD Bless