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@graphite412 wrote:

ya Consumed816 is another brother from Missouri!!! We’ve been skyping, but where have you been Mr. frogb0tter?

Getting my rest-on. Working on my track a bit. I find if I am “available” online I often don’t get anything done on the music end. I’m at an exciting time because the track is honestly sounding much better than my expectations were, even just the bit that you heard. It’s kind of morphing from my original vision and taking on a mind of it’s own if that makes sense. I keep playing and playing with it and tweaking and finding new stuff I like more and more, so I’m just trying to take the ball and run with it. Today has been a lot of lateral progress though not much forward progress. I remain psyched.

If the LORD blesses me so, I’d even like to have the one trance cut done during the OSX 30 day demo, and then attempt an ambient track on the windows 30 day demo. All in time for BlessFest of course!