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Looks like I’m the newest of the new guys… for now. :lol:

Just found this community in early January when I heard about the remix contest for The Fountain. So much fun to get back to producing something. I’ve been working full time in the print industry so music has taken a bit of a back seat to surviving.

On the fun side I am DJ for the AFL Football Team in Spokane, the Spokane Shock. AFL champions last year and looking to come out strong this year. I end up playing songs between plays and for promos and halftime sometimes. Organizing and playing 20 seconds of 100+ songs takes some time but I love the sport and I love the team so it is a really great time.

Once in a while I get to produce a mashup or remix for the team which is great. I snuck in Toby Mac’s tunes a bunch of times. ;)

Anyway, happy to be here and look forward to being a part of the community.