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My ID is DJ Colicky Boy. I’m in the U.S. Been saved since 1993, started mixing in early 2000s. Was webcasting on Live365.com until they started charging fees. Now I have my own DJ mix blog at http://djcolickyboy.blogspot.com. I still do secular music mixes b/c it’s hard for me to find good Christian dance music…and without good input (tracks), it’s tough to do good output (mixes).

My fave styles are eurodance/hands-up/trance/dance pop/techno/house/club. Stuff with a good hard beat and vocals…the faster, the better, although no faster than 145 bpm. “Grew up” on old-school masters like Scott Blackwell, World Wide Message Tribe, and AJ Mora. The Plumb remixes and DJ Tiesto/Euro Stack remixes of two Avalon songs are excellent.

Unfortunately, most Christian dance music is, honestly, really awful. I often wonder why Christians can’t produce quality dance stuff like Cascada, Topmodelz and other secular projects.

There is a lot of vocal-less or instrumental Christian dance tracks but that strikes me as odd since it can’t be that difficult to write lyrics. I mean, if you look at a lot of secular lyrics, they could easily be adapted to refer to a love for God rather than a love for a significant other. But I digress.

Anyway, I joined this forum in the hope that I can be introduced to stuff that will rock my world while still glorifying the Christ who saved me. Sorry for the long intro.

DJ Colicky Boy