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Hey everyone! I am very excited to be a member in this community. I have been called by the Lord to get back into music (after an almost 6 year hiatus) and make it for him. I have a rocky history that includes Raves, Drugs, Atheism, and of course lots of music. I repented of my past and turned my back on those that wanted to drag me back… this, unfortunately meant turning my back to music at the time… as this was the chain that kept me held down. I sacrificed my love and passion for music to the Lord when I became born again in Christ. It felt natural and good to leave that past behind me and move on. The sadness of not having it in my life was replace with a new happiness in the Lord. I focused, this entire time, on being a good Husband/Father and struggling with my troubled past.

In the last few month the Lord has made it very clear that my hiatus is over and I am now called to be the musician (I’ve always been) but replace all the bad stuff with the Spirit the Lord has filled me up with.

I’d love to talk to anyone who’d like to know more about me. I really do love to talk, so expect an ear full… I am seeking others that have been called in a similar way. I think I have a home here.

I am in Rialto, California and am seeking a fellowship of artists that understand this type of history.

I heard a wonderful saying once. It is better to be know for the things you’ve done then the things you’ve said. I want to lead by example, not by pressure. I believe that the vision of a DJ or raver fully coming to the table for the Lord is so different then what people are used to, it makes them question what they are used to. Another great line that rings in my mind is “Crazy, What are you then? Give me an hour and I’ll give you your dream.” -Imogen Heap (we’ll actually frou frou, but still her)

Once a raver, always a raver… but the rave scene has death and destruction written all over it. Often a first timer (such as myself when I started) will go to rave for the music and leave with the drugs in them… It is expected and encouraged. This is not right. I’d like to make music and events that blur the lines between “Christian” and Rave.. Not a Christian rave, but rather a rave thrown by Christians… Discouraged drug use and emphases on music is key to make this type of thing work. I’d imagine it would confuse ravers and some would attend the event unknowing that they are about to have a life changing experience. Others would attend because they are ravers actually going for the music not the drugs… All of these people need to know Christ loves them… but would never go to an event classified as a “Christian Rave”. Christian Raves will do great to bring Christians together in a rave atmosphere but does little to bring ravers to Christ. If a raver goes to an event (with good music that they like and probably some they know), seeks drugs and is rejected with a message of finding Jesus (filling that emptiness with Christ instead of drugs) I believe this could change peoples lives. This is much the type of thing many artists did to take back Rock from the classification of devil music. Trance is often called pagan due to its beats and raves are often called drug events that parents, especially those that follow Christ, look down upon without knowing anything about it. I do feel though that the ridicule for this type of thing will be seen at both ends (by ravers and by Christians) so I am looking for some encouragement and help with the message that God has placed on my heart. Anyways, I didn’t mean to post an essay here… I am just very excited and fill with joy to find others that appear just as excited. so If you’d like to know more, I’d love to talk to you. Otherwise, you’ll see me on here. I want to be involved.

Much Love and Respect! Great site here and a great message you are promoting. It is encouraging to know that God has called others… when I started this I thought I was close to alone. I can’t do any of this without a support group to encourage and keep the spirit moving.

If you’d like to talk to me more, get at me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/techguyjames

-Beyond Earth
Aka Elijah D

My past is my past, and I am a new person… That side of me is dead now, but even dead artists are appricated for their works, so if you want to see what I’ve made (most recently) in the past… check out “The Undistributable Dub Abnormality” of “Drunken Disciples” (non-christian… the name kind of alludes you) You can still find the stuff on internetdj.com pretty easy. I made all beats, scratches, and production associated with those names. I’ve also produced as DJ Abnormality, and you can find Triphop I’ve made under that name. It was much easier a few years ago to find, but since then another DJ has taken that name and posted on a lot of forums. I have not been active with any of this stuff since 2006.