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Hello everybody my name is Carlos Lopez and I call my self Truthseeker because when I was a underground DJ in El Salvador and some places in the states and was under the influence of psychedelic drugs I always lean toward looking for God ,essentially that made me not to be welcome anymore in this kind of parties and I thank God for that since many of my old friends are in jail or are slaves to the drug club scene.

I recently started producing christian tech house and techno and feel happy to be able to praise the lord with my talent.

Its not easy since I am new in Alexandria VA where I live with my wife and son and don’t have any friends ,I do go to the local church but since they are Hispanic they don’t like electronic music.

I pray to God that this can be a step toward being able to share my music to more people so it can be a blessing like it has been for me . :D

so thank you Godsdjs and if anybody lives in the DC area or know anybody please send me the contact since I would like to have some christian friends that like electronic music .