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Hello everybody I am so very happy and excited to see that I am not alone in my passion for Jesus and EDM. I can`t say I know too many other Christians that share a love and desire to produce and play EDM for the glory of GOD so it thrills me to be a part of this forum. I am 34 years old (although some say I don’t act it) and really love producing music and lean towards psy, tech, prog… (actually i prefer to think outside the box and as a Christian i believe there is no box) I have been a DJ of hard dance (Hard trance and hardstyle) for a few years and was previously into hip hop, making beats an MC`ing as well as worship leading at church doing vocals. *wipes moderately sweaty brow* Long story short, I fell away from the Lord so far I think I backslid passed hell! But God had other plans and by His grace he welcomed this prodigal son back with open arms. What an awesome God we serve! Anway I look forward to meeting you all and exchanging ideas in the future. Glory 2 GOD and may he bless everything you put your hand to – The crusader.