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@djrodimus wrote:

finally! glad to see you made it salty… fyi your profile page on the main godsdjs.com site gets more google searches then anyone elese… ;) just thought you might like to know that ppl are looking for you!

No way?!?! I had no idea…..like one or two more google searchces or like 50-100 more google searches?!?! I sure couldn’t tell either way…..as far as CD sales or .mp3 sales though….ha! Well good to know anywaz…

@underyan wrote:

welcome flava flave. My dad lives in Austin and a buddy of mine is working down there. I visited it a couple years ago and liked it. How is it over there?

Austin is good. The weather was not to bad this morning. I ran a mile this morning in my physical education class. So that’s good. Things in Austin are good as far as I know and I work for the City of Austin doing audio technical production work etc. I think our sales tax numbers are down but I have a good job for now still.

Have a good one.