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thanks for the quick reply.
How about if you guys did something in connection with other christian dance like PWM records, andy hunter, creation fest etc.
what we need is a uniting of all christian dance music so there is like one central place for djs,promoters, artisits and fans all together..there is also transform djs etc. also.. you might then be able to get some revenue from advertisers
there is also chrsitian media outlets such as http://www.sorted-magazine.com where you could get interviews set up for promoting your station etc.
just a few thoughts bro.
hope you find something of use in all that :-)

P.S check out my bands new website at http://www.sonarzone.co.uk
Subject: Payouts for Artists

@djrodimus wrote:

that sounds like a good idea accept for the fact that we havent had any new music added in about 2 months so right now theres not enough to warrent a radio show or lost of viral promotion.

and yes im pretty sure you’ve sold more then one but id have to check.