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hey man, yes there is an update and im so sorry for how long this has taken. here’s whats going on in a nutshell…

up until now i’ve been the only one doing everything for godsdjs and christiandancemusic.net and i’ve been swamped with my job as well and i’ve just been to busy to take care of store duties. i havent even uploaded new music into the store in a while and there is a lot waiting to go.

so recently we’ve been bringing some new people on as staff members and we now have someone doing our financials and this person will also be handling payouts. rest assured…ALL the money is in the store account for all artists and ready to go out its just a huge task processing all of the data and making the payouts but we will soon.

again, very sorry for how long this has taken and sometimes with new sites and store this is the case in the first months however this will not be the case forever!