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Yes that is an old moniker of Andy Hunters. He was involved more so in the second Hydro cd “Aborigination” Than the first one “Spiritualisation” I think. I have both, the first one was released around 95/96, the second one in 97′. They are both good in their own right for the time they were in.

No, I haven’t received a flyer, but probably won’t until I get there. That is great about you spinning as well! Love to hear varying styles at a party, and it will be cool to meet. My set will be kinda higher energy trance, like psy. Though I am working on the set and trying to incorporate a few different styles, but probably only in little spurts. Lecrae seems to be very popular, never heard his tunes, but am guessing they will sound great with a dj of your caliber at the helm.

Still much to do till then, congratulations on being in your final year :) Next comes the fun part right?