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I don’t have a pic right now, but it’s fairly basic anyway.

Since I don’t have decks yet, I’m basically working it out all through software. Well, I have a couple of cheesy turntables that aren’t meant for any kind of real DJing..they’re basically crap. I bring one for show and a warped record I have for scratching.

I’ve had an Acer Ferrari 4005 but it just bit the dust a couple months ago, so I have to borrow my mom’s Compaq which barely gets the job done, but the last gig wasn’t too bad, so..

Sometimes Ableton Live 5..
Sometimes Deckadance
Built-in crappy audio..
Plantronics over-the-ear stereo headset (very nice..)
Sony studio stereo headphones.
Sony surround sound entertainment center stereo system (with the power button corner bashed in because my clumsy friend dropped it).
2 Fairly big ol speakers …probably about 14 inches each, in big huge cabinets (heavy, and the speaker wire is built in crappy garbage).
Also: M-Audio X-Session (1st one), M-Audio MK441 keyboard, P5 Data Glove

I used to have…
Acer Ferrari 4005 x64 laptop, 2GB ram, 2ghz amd x64 cpu, 17″ screen I think.
M-Audio Firewire Audiophile (external low-latency audio card).
Plus all of the above, plus some more speakers, a 24″ LCD monitor, and a graphics tablet that was pretty sweet to use at shows.

As for my production setup…
FL Studio 8 XXL
-VSTs & other plugins: FPC (virtual drum sampler/looper), Slice-X, Edison, Beat Quantizer, Sytrus, Toxic Biohazard, dBlue Glitch, Gross Beat, Various freeware VSTs, a few other FL Studio plugins that are used regularly.
Ableton Live 5
A whole lotta technique and knowledge of my software..

j aka DJ Sixty-Six