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MXL Cond. Microphone (not in picture)
Akai MPC2000XL
Proteus 2000XL (black rack module)
Roland D2 (orange unit)
48 Key Midi Keyboard (with knobs – sweet)
Vestax VCI 300
Behringer X1204 Mixer
Roland VS1824CD
MAudio Firewire 410
Audio Snake (8x Balanced 1/4′)
Crappy audio-technica headphones
and a PC (Protools, Reaktor, Ableton, Reason, FLstudio, Itch, Deckadance, vDJ + i’m sure I have more)

Other equipment (currently not in use)
Emagic MT4 Midi Interface 2in 4out (Love this thing but can’t get it to work with windows 7)
EMagic Audiowerks II (Old and again no driver support for windows 7)
Technics SL1200MKII x 1 (working – just not setup in the studio – I traded my MK5 for the VCI)
Stanton SK2 Mixer (broken, was working fine but I was riding off a bit of a power adapter hack. I think maybe it blew it out.)